About eAudition.in

We at eAudition.in believe every family has a talented artist- an actor, singer, dancer, model, child artist. Talent- waiting to be discovered, looking for an opportunity to audition!

Production houses and casting directors of Films, serials, reality shows or Advertising agencies are always on the look out for the right artists.

The truth is, the means of presenting your skills, are geographically & economically limiting. Furthermore, the journey to the right opportunity is full of struggles.

eAudition is the future of auditioning- removing artists' struggles!

Simultaneously saving valuable time, effort and costs for auditioners - battling tight budgets and deadlines.

eAudition is building a future, where the artists focus remain on their skills alone, without worrying about the "how?", "where?" and "when?".

Now timing, distance, travel & stay costs will not be a hindrance â€" only your skills will make the difference!

Ab Sabko Milega Mauka!

Advantages for the artist

Save on local & domestic, travel and accommodation costs.
You don't have to wait in long lines, hungry and tired, waiting for your turn.
Practice and submit your best take, from the comfort of your home.
eAudition for multiple opportunities & eliminate the issue of overlapping timings.
Whether professional or not, you can still eAudition!
Your eAudition and contact information is safely sent to the selected eAuditioner.
Focus solely on your talent and passion, without worrying about networking and PR.

Advantages for the auditioner

Auditioners could range from Film / TV production houses, casting directors, Advertising agencies, content creators, to aspiring directors, etc.
eAudition.in eliminates / reduces the need for conducting physical auditions & saves cost.
It allows the auditioners to view multiple audition videos, as per their specified requirements, at their own pace, in the comfort of their office.
Auditioners can directly contact their shortlisted artists, narrowing down their time consumed for artist selection.